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All Solar Leads are Exclusive & Generated with Telemarketers, Internet Marketing and Social Media.

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Connecting the Consumers With Solar Installation Companies

Nowadays, the solar sector has become a booming industry growing into leap and bounds. Solar installations are found in innumerable homes and workplaces in diverse types like vehicles, heaters, inverters, cookers, lighting systems, etc. With solar needs for the people on the rise, many suppliers are offering awesome solar deals, but with people being flooded with tons of offer they do not know how to find solar leads that can suit their purpose and budget. Sometimes while searching for the best deals, they fall prey to the dubious suppliers. This is where the solar lead generation agencies steps in, they help consumers like you in getting the right solar panel leads and also helps you to get connected with the genuine supplier. This procedure has become a wide spread and proven solar marketing strategy. It is a win -win-win situation for the consumers, suppliers as well as for the lead generation companies.

How are solar sales generated?

The solar lead generation is a paid service. As an installer you need to create an account with the lead generation service provider so as to get quality leads. Generally a lead is information regarding the probable sales contact. Through text messages or through emails, the leads are forwarded to the suppliers or contractors. The solar leads for installation are gathered in the same manner as how the probable consumers are targeted in the other businesses. Most of the buy solar leads are generated through online. The leads are sourced by means of the search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo, social media advertising like Twitter, face book, PPC (Pay per Click) Campaign, and banner ads.

Different kinds of solar energy leads

Organizations offer residential solar leads in diverse types. Given below are some of the frequently provided solar deal types:

Eclusivity is ket to massive sales.

In this type the exclusive solar leads are provided to only one installer and only once. Our marketing firm only offer our client exclusive leads and we never resell old leads

Non-exclusive/multi-sell leads are the worse.

In this kind of solar deal, the particulars regarding the probable sale contact is resold to the customers. A majority of the organizations restrict the reselling procedure to a maximum of 3 suppliers.

We generate solar life transfer through our voice broadcasting services.

The Life transfer calls are sent from the call centre of the lead generation company to the installer’s sales people or directly to the installer. This solar leads for sale category comprises of customers prepared to procure the solar systems.

Leads by appointment are offers by our telemarketers.

This is an authentic appointment that takes place between the potential clients and the solar installers.

The advantages a solar energy lead generation company:

  • The solar installation organization work 24x7 throughout the year and thereby ensures that the customers get the essential support.
  • Prior to the distribution the solar pv leads are properly screened. The leads are distributed only when they fulfill the required parameters.
  • Solar leads provide exceptional flexibility
  • Probable contact is produced bearing in mind contractors’ precise requirements & anxieties.
  • A majority of the solar leads generation offer a feasible fee structure. This facilitates you to preserve an inexpensive still extremely efficient marketing tactic.
  • If you happened to be a consumer then the significant benefit you gain is that you would be capable to administer the solar energy leads.
  • As an installer you can improve your solar business with more solar installation leads generation by adopting the following marketing strategies

Telemarketing for Residential Solar Leads

Telemarkeing is found to be an efficient tool for getting solar sales leads generation. It helps in devising everyday marketing strategy that assists you to generate quality solar leads or appointment which would be profitable to your business. As per your organization’s requirements, the telemarketing strategy can be personalized and thereby get the most lucrative appointment or solar leads for your services & products.

Internet Marketing for More Sales

Internet marketing or SEO services is a great tool. This is a swift and efficient advertising strategy for generating commercial solar leads. In this marketing strategy, you would be using search engine marketing services to reach your target audience. You can be at ease receiving the replies for your message & phone calls. Do not forget to include your website link while sending SMS. This strategy will increase your internet marketing campaign by means of peculiar click to your business website. Several solar organizations are still unaware of this marketing strategy which will help you to get an edge over your competitors.

Solar Lead Generation Companies & SEO Services

SEO and lead generation servises  is another inexpensive advertising strategy that will significantly enhance your website as well as increase your online visibility and thereby generate more solar sales inquiries. When utilized with the other advertising campaigns, the telemarketing and seo services can be an efficient strategy. It helps in offering quality solar pv lead generators and thereby improves your solar business.

Whether you are a customer or solar energy installer the above mentioned inexpensive marketing strategies provides mutual benefits. It helps the customer to get lucrative solar leads likewise it helps the solar energy installer to increase his solar business into manifolds.

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